Fur accessories mania!

Quirky fur creations for Anna Molinari’s FW 2016/2017 collection, a renewed sign of the widespread trend of fur accessories in the market

Many fur details on the Blumarine and Blugirl catwalks last February, which already appear to be a “must-have” for the next winter, and consolidate a trend linked to a market segment, the accessory’s one, which continues to bring astonishing results year after year.
We noticed those coming from the “pastel coloured” creativity of a modern Italian Lady, Anna Molinari, creative director of the Blumarine and Blugirl lines and head of the Blufin group. Two different versions of the same hand: the more outgoing Blumarine collection, and the younger and smarter Blugirl collection. Minks and foxes versus lapins and finnraccoons.
The outfits – and numerous fur coats and jackets – are accompanied and emphasised by totes, backpacks, handbags or shoes, hats and even earrings… a unique theme and one characteristic: total fur!
In a luxury market that increased by 5% in 2015, the accessory segment accounts for 29% and exceeds the clothing segment by 4 percentage points (data from Osservatorio Altagamma); designers have noticed this for some time and almost every one of them integrates their main collection with a capsule dedicated to accessories. Also a strong signal for the fur industry.