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Nadine Eismann – Mexican gods

After the enthralling debut collection inspired by the wrestlers known as “luchadores”, Mexico keeps on inspiring the young designer Nadine Eismann

Annalisa Caricato – Art À Porter

An innate talent for the feminine taste, a love for refinement, a strong Italian character and a clear pop interpretation of her reality characterize the unique creations of the new brand Annalisa Caricato that just entered the fashion world

Places of the soul

Just over three years have passed since Michele Chiocciolini made his debut in the world of accessories that range from clutch bags for men – which soon became unisex – to the applauded artisanal qualities of their ‘Made in Florence’ bags with an unusual design

Focus on: Matter Matters

Characterized by a fanciful minimalism of great aesthetic impact, the collection by Matter Matters offers shoulder bags, clutches, bucket bags and small leather goods made from the highest quality materials, highlighted by clear-cut lines and sugary touches of colour.