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SAOBC: magical and luxurious ostrich leather

The creations made by the students of ARSUTORIA school using the magnificent leather supplied by SAOBC - South African Ostrich Business Chamber, enhance its special qualities, already appreciated by the most important names in fashion

Arsutoria Trends SS18 – STRENGTH – Concept & Materials

Concept A celebration of strength and opalescent as the new futuristic beautiful. Minimalism is the new pure. Clean is more eclectic. Lines that enrich the purity of accessories. A way to create new horizons not necessarily in reality but virtually. Pure attitude, futuristic mind-set, athletic mood, functional beauty. Innovative solutions, surprising details, daring colours and hybrid functionality. Minimalism that links Athletic style, glamour, clean lines and tests on new materials and innovative volumes. Attractive minimalism that surprises with wonderful geometries. Colours Distorted and blurry effects with shiny, liquid, glass and mirror reflections. Blue, blue greys, cold white, transparent, azure, electric [...]

Arsutoria Trends SS18 – EXTREME – Concept & Materials

Concept EXTREME as the need to explore uncharted territories, the relationship between man and unwelcoming environments represented by a wild and rebellious nature. The most extreme experimentation links two very contrasting worlds such as the natural organic and high performance sport. EXTREME is outdoor, urban, wild, and metropolis. EXTREME sports and wildlife, organic and athletic. Colours Yellow, gold, warm and earthy colours are typically summery. Renewing the new camo tones with more fresh hues. Gold brown, golden yellow, orange, golden sand, green gold are perfectly in harmony with organic tones of mud, military green, rough stone, desert reds. Materials Vegetable, distressed [...]

Arsutoria Trends SS18 – ARTEFACT – Concept & Materials

Concept Art as ARTEFACT, creative fascination made or shaped by man, such as a tool or a work of art, or eclectic experimental result. The mood emphasizes the freedom to create at will, proposing a new eclectic and decorative style. Experimenting artistic techniques in complete freedom. A world of fantastic stories that travel into the past, going through the contemporary before projecting themselves into an imaginary future. A surreal vision of virtual reality, the online/offline in which we live every day, day and night, nightclubs and fresh gardens. Renaissance of a new generation of designer’s creativity, fascinated by a romanticism [...]

MMC Colombo: Fasten as the main character

Jewels-like fastens that can make any bag a unique and exclusive model These are the latest fastens created by MMC Colombo for the collection dedicated to summer 2017, a hymn to the most refined and timeless elegance, which are sure to appeal greatly to leather goods designers with a sharp eye on novelties. The clean and elegant lines blend in perfect harmony with geometrical motifs for that slightly retro taste which is currently so popular. A selection of new items can be seen in the new profile Instagram (@mmcolombo) opened by the company to facilitate scouting by fashion researchers.

Lampa Best Fashion Accessories

Technology, innovation and high quality are the values of Lampa, specialized in the design, prototyping and manufacture of buttons and accessories for fashion and footwear For over 30 years, Lampa has been a leading company in the design and manufacture of buttons that meet all needs of fashion thanks to high-quality and completely customizable solutions. The company from Grumello del Monte (Bergamo) puts a know-how capable of combining top-notch materials and high-level application techniques at its customers’ disposal. In this regard, many are the advantages that will come from the recent acquisition of Gaspari, a renowned button factory that has [...]

Vibram Ecostep

The new Luxury Rubber project is launched and the innovative eco-compound ECOSTEP is coloured for the fashion world. The special compound incorporates production scraps, capable of reducing waste and the use of virgin materials by up to 30%, maintaining the high levels of quality and resistance necessary for soles. Vibram has decided to strengthen its offering of ECOSTEP solutions with the introduction in the SS2017 lifestyle catalogues of four soles made of special eco- compounds available in four new colours.

Innovative processes for sustainable footwear production: CAD

What impact could the use of virtual prototypes have on the decision-making processes of footwear companies regarding the theme of sustainability? Several projects developed in the footwear industry have shown how the use of 3D CAD technologies for three-dimensional pattern-making, photo-realistic rendering and its use in the design of collections can be considered a good practice for eco- design. Leading European centres in the industry have, therefore, recognised that this is one of the best ways to reduce resources used in the process (materials, energy, etc.). In a footwear company, the life cycle of a collection passes through a series [...]

“Anodized” finishing for small metal parts – Moro Minuterie

Footwear and leather goods can now be enriched by beautiful and original eyelets, hooks, buckles and studs. In fact, Moro Minuterie, presents a finish for its accessories that follows the new trend. For over 40 years, Moro Minuterie has aimed at providing customers with a high quality, cutting-edge product, characterized by functionality and attention to detail. Today, Moro Minuterie offers its customers accessories that can become details of style thanks to its proposals with an “anodized” finishing available in all the RAL colours. “Anodized” finishing is ideal for adding a futuristic touch to accessories. It is the latest innovation in [...]

Sustainable packaging for footwear

Packaging must meet several functions. In first place, to protect the packaged contents. It is an extremely important element in the supply chain, distribution system, and finally the method of use or handling of the product. It also contributes significantly to a more secure and long-term use of the products