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Lagori, between tradition and future

A different way of doing business starts with the third-generation management, without sacrificing know-how and quality, and satisfying a boundless market. A new e-commerce website and social network are the opportunities and strategies of Lagori 1944

Gate 23, innovative formula

Instagram for posting images of the collection on the World Wide Web, a showroom in Milan for distribution, lots of style and the strength of a fur company with great experience. Launched by Florence Mode and conceived in collaboration with Laura Strambi, Gate 23 is the example of a new way of making fur

Saks Potts, new generation

Pastel coloured furs and floral patterns: Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts brought a breath of fresh air to the last Copenhagen Fashion Week

Twins Florence, signature pieces

Tuscan, but Milanese by adoption, Linda Calugi founded her fashion label in 2014, bringing together her aesthetic vision and cutting-edge creativity

Onar: dreams from the future

From Finland comes the Onar brand in which the designer, Irene Kostas, has poured all her unconventional style and multiple inspirations, including her love for the environment

Fendi: fairytales in fur

Amidst water games and an enchanted mood, Fendi celebrated its 90th year in business by holding its fashion show in Rome “inside” the iconic Trevi Fountain, restored with the financial support of the label

Fur 159 – December 2016

Fur 159 - December 2016 issue is now online | Subscribers will receive their copy starting from December 10th

Kastoria, Fur City

Events and novelties for the Kastorian Fur Association, already waiting for the next fur fair scheduled for May 2017

Travel & Business – TUMI

At the beginning of August, Samsonite announced it had taken over the Tumi brand, which will become an independent subsidiary of this well-known leather factory. Jerome Griffith, CEO of Tumi, a brand boasting of a 54 7.7 million dollar turnover, declared he is “enthusiastic about the possible involvement of Samsonite in the expansion on new markets”.