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LineaPelle dates for 2017

21-22-23 FEBRUARY 2017: Spring/ Summer 2018 Together with Simac / Tanning Tech 4-5-6 OCTOBER 2017: Autumn / Winter 2018 The choice of that date has been induced by a several considerations related to timing of finished product fairs and to a market situation which postpones samples choices.

Which sustainability in the tanning industry?

What does exactly mean the term “sustainable”, so often incorrectly used? A reflection on the topic shows us that behaviour and those actions to be undertaken to be truly eco-producers

The integrity of our products is needed

The recent figures from the Italian leather industry are one of the clearest indications that the markets for leather are not static but are continuously evolving. With the loss of industrial uses such as belting, the end of mass horse transportation, the decline in the use of sole leather and the introduction of the non-leather “training” footwear the 20th century was in reality pretty tumultuous for leather. The continuing decline in the amount of leather going into footwear has long been a prevailing industry view but learning that since 2011 footwear’s consumption of Italian finished leather has dropped by 14% [...]

Ars Arpel Group & Fotoshoe Group: 1+1=1

Together means being real protagonists on the international panorama of footwear, leather goods, accessories and components, materials and technology, without forgetting about a solid web presence, that becomes more and more important

A very positive and historic turning-point – UNIC meeting

The annual UNIC - National Union of the Tanning Industry meeting marked a decisive break away from the management style of the past 20 years, opening up excellent work prospects for the entire segment, despite the fact the economic situation is still uncertain. The Annual UNIC (National Union of the Tanning Industry) assembly was held at Palazzo delle Stelline, in Milan, on the 28th of June. Italian tanneries took stock of a complicated 2015, but it is facing these issues with such dynamism that it has enabled them to close the year with a slight and generalised downturn. «This moment is [...]

Lean years for US exports

The figures confirm the difficult economic situation for exports of American hides in value terms, with a decrease of the 13.2%