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Stahl’s sustainable solutions for leather

Sustainable Stahl solutions for leather Stahl has the exclusive rights to distribute Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™, a unique probiotic formulation that fully replaces use of conventional auxiliaries in the beamhouse and other leather processing stages. This impressive innovation is an excellent addition to Stahls’ own sustainable solutions. Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ can also be perfectly combined with Stahl EasyWhite Tan™. This 100% chrome-free tanning system enables tanners to produce almost all types of metal-free leather to the standard leather product specifications and beyond. Less salt is needed, the number of stages in the tanning process is drastically reduced without [...]

Stahl Proviera®: Advantages of using probiotics in the beamhouse

Advantages of using probiotics in the beamhouse Proviera leather biochemicals are metabolites derived from a proprietary fermentation and formulation technology using probiotic cultures and natural raw ingredients. As nearly 70% of the wastewater of leather production processes comes from the beamhouse, the benefits in terms of sustainability are obvious when replacing traditional leather auxiliaries in this stage with 100% natural products. The secret lies in a powerful synergistic combination of different biochemicals derived from probiotics that are used instead of traditional synthesized chemicals. Reduction of chemicals, water and waste One of the key advantages of Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ is [...]

Stahl Proviera®: Product overview – Probiotics for Leather™

Product overview Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ Stahl has the exclusive rights to distribute Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™. Learn more about how Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ enables tanners to produce high-quality leather while simultaneously reducing the effluent load significantly. Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ can be used on any type of hide and skins and are applicable in most manufacturing stages. Product range includes three products: Product What? How? ProSoak™ 100% natural and biodegradable beamhouse agent used in the soaking process, eliminates the need for biocides. Rapidly and effectively promotes even water uptake into hides and skins, it promotes growth of [...]

Stahl: Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™

Create more sustainable leather by using probiotics in the beamhouse Since the introduction of industrial processing only little innovation has taken place. Certainly in the terms of sustainability. Yet, modern times ask for more sustainable alternatives to traditional beamhouse solutions. Approximately 70% of the wastewater of the traditional leather production processes originates from beamhouse. Imagine the reduction of wastewater - and thus the lowered environmental footprint - that you would achieve by replacing traditional auxiliaries with 100% natural products? This is exactly what Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ is targeting. Proviera’s leather products contain a powerful consortium of biochemicals derived [...]

Stahl launches a “future-proof” leather finish product portfolio

Worldwide, there is an increasing demand for more sustainable leather. A development that requires tanners to switch to sustainable solutions.With the introduction of our complete Stahl Neo portfolio for leather finish, Stahl helps tanners to make their business futureproof

Thomas Heinen, about achieving sustainability goals with Stahl Neo

Managing director of Leder Heinen, Thomas Heinen, about achieving sustainability goals with Stahl Neo Leder Heinen has been using Stahl chemicals for many decades. We can only work with chemical suppliers that share our beliefs with regard to sustainability. Stahl supports our thinking and gives us the best possible support in gaining transparency. Stahl Neo is further proof that Stahl is leading in developments towards sustainability. This helps us to meet the demands of our clients. Now and in the future. Since different NGOs have made an effort to aim for zero discharge, it’s up to us to come as [...]

Stahl NEO

Stahl Neo: Zero Discharge portfolio for leather finish The garment, footwear and leather goods industries increasingly ask for more sustainable leather. At the same time tanners are challenged to meet Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) goals by 2020. Therefore leather chemicals manufacturer Stahl launched Stahl Neo. With this complete portfolio for leather finish, the market leader helps tanners to make their business future-proof, without compromising on quality or performance. Sustainability milestone for the leather industry Stahl Neo is a milestone for the leather industry: all products seamlessly comply with Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List [...]