Davos: in the name of continuity

DAVOS presents the new collection F/W 2017/18

The key to the new collection DAVOS F/W 2017/18 is, definitely, continuity: each type of new proposal, both from the point of view of quality and for what concerns trendy colours, is a further step in a process started several seasons ago, which is invariably providing optimal results in an increasingly frantic, difficult and unstable market, like that of footwear.
The lines of continuity can be undoubtedly found in compliance with international laws relating to the use of harmful substances, ensuring the customer a material both with excellent quality and absolutely not dangerous.
For what concerns the trend lines and the colours, the continuity is represented by an enlargement of color range, within already existing Families such as those of the qualified Laser Luxor and the Laser Brake, as well as that of Superlucidi.
Finally, given that the market demands greater and greater flexibility and lightness, DAVOS proposal remains focused on AIRCELL and pumice Microporous.
The LASER LUXOR LINE is characterized by a very soft hand, as if writing, and by a print in tone that makes the visual impact virtually identical to leather. Presented in 6 new colours, it has already enjoyed success among some big Footwear Groups.
The KRYSTAL LINE, instead, is a latest generation coating, especially made of metallic colours, in which the “shiny” effect is considerably amplified, not only revealing itself bright, but also very deep. It can be applied on a standard base or pre-formable base, and usually on a high-heeled shoe, elegant and refined, with shiny details on the upper.
The AIRCELL, lightweight microporous, is made with a density of around 0.30 g/cm2 in two versions: FULL PLATE (AIRCELL SHARK); HALF PLATE (AIRCELL CITY). The design is the same, that is, a shark’s tooth. Good yield which allows the realization of light, but also flexible and very resistant soles.