Davos: Laser Luxor Line

A customizable product that Davos Spa has created specifically for the market of women’s footwear, which immediately captured the interest of leading brands of footwear

First founded in 1955, with an initial focus on the productive needs of the Montebelluna district of footwear, Davos Spa today is a leading reality in the worldwide market of rubber sheets and rubber soles for every kind of footwear, and is also the only manufacturer in Italy to produce Thunit rubber sheets. Its core business in fact is comprised of Thunit rubber sheets.
The company, headed by Lino Piccolo and his sons, Fabio and Ugo, has undergone a constant evolution over the years, so that today it can count two manufacturing plants in Italy, one of which is located in Crocetta del Montello (TV) and the other in Cavaso del Tomba. The latter one, created in 2007, hosts the company’s executive offices, the plants of varnishing and sheet moulding, the warehouse and the logistical department.
The plants in Italy are flanked by two more facilities located abroad — one in Bulgaria and one in Sri Lanka – which Davos closely monitors and uses to produce items for the Eastern European and Southeast Asian markets.
With the motto, “Safety is not a game” (which is also the slogan of the brand’s ad campaign in recent years), Davos Spa has always proposed high quality products, which, however, also respect the environment and health of the end user and footwear manufacturer. In fact, all of its products are produced in accordance with the strictest international regulations governing the use of harmful substances, starting with the safety standards in Germany.
Taking a closer look at the far-ranging line of products that are in constant evolution, the Laser Luxor line stands out in particular.
Launched only a year ago, today it is in demand by the most important footwear brands around.

“It is an extremely successful product that we propose in six new colours with thermosensible technical properties. This means that, through hot-stamping processes, the underlying colour of the varnished base changes, and it is accordingly possible to customize a line of soles. Moreover, the Laser Luxor line has an extremely soft hand, which is almost velvety, with all the traits typical of leather. A protective film can also be applied to this kind of finish and thanks to special productive processes (pantographing, brushing with special waxes), it is possible to create soles with plays of Glossy-Matte contrast, which is high in demand by the market. Finally, Laser Luxor is a finish that can be applied to both a standard or preformable base (women’s footwear with 10-12 cm heels). The standard base is in any case proposed also for men’s soles, in the higher thicknesses (for example 4 or 5mm)”

explains Andrea Perin, Head of Marketing and Sales in Italy.