Gate 23, innovative formula

Instagram for posting images of the collection on the World Wide Web, a showroom in Milan for distribution, lots of style and the strength of a fur company with great experience. Launched by Florence Mode and conceived in collaboration with Laura Strambi, Gate 23 is the example of a new way of making fur

“It is very different from our first line, without sacrificing the quality that has always distinguished our product. This step was taken to increase the business in countries where our collection is already present – mainly Russia and the Former Soviet Union area – capturing new customers on a different market segment while reaching different segments in alternative markets. The main figures are proving us right, Gate 23 has opened us up to countries like Germany, France, England and bodes well for the US and Korean markets. Our brand caters to clothing stores dedicated to a young woman, between 25 and 35 years old, who is looking for a trendy and extremely well-made fashion product. I would say that it completes our offer as a company and adds value to an orientation in which we firmly believe: fur as a product in line with the fashion system that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the fur market. For years, Florence Mode has been selling its products to high-end multi-brand stores and not fur stores”

says Piero Cecchi, Commercial Manager of Florence Mode.

It not only consists of communication projects on social networks, but also the presence in the fashion shows of Milan, Paris and Berlin.
The credit for the stylistic impact goes to Laura Strambi, a designer with a strong penchant for glamour and sound experience in eco-luxury designs.

“We want Gate 23 to be recognized as a contemporary and street luxury brand, a mix of innovation and design. We gave a lot of attention to the search for high-performance, yet eco-friendly, materials to combine with the fur, together with a line of matching accessories. We wanted to give attention to every detail because it is now an essential feature for a garment. Also younger consumers are very demanding now”