ARSUTORIA Sketch & Styles

publications dedicated exclusively to footwear and bags designs and models
directly addressed to manufacturers, designers and pattern makers. For each season these magazines have a Sketch edition with drawings of well-known Italian designers, and a following Style edition, that confirms the trends.

They are published 4 times per year, 2 for Spring / Summer, 2 for Autumn/Winter
on December, March, July and October

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ARSUTORIA Research Team each season presents its trend forecasting analysis, focused on shoes and bags industry.

The four themes are included into ARSUTORIA Trends Guide, a complete trend book with trends analysis of colours, materials, shapes, markets and brands. The four themes are then translated into sketches and organized into mini-collection by professional designers. ARSUTORIA publishes four different Sketchbooks, presenting designers works into four different titles:
Woman Sketches: sketches for women shoes
Man Sketches: sketches for men shoes
Sneaker Sketches: sketches for casual shoes
Arpel Sketch: sketches for bags


Each theme is introduced with a Pantone® colour palette, a brief description and some keywords about the theme


The four themes comprehends several structures, each of them introduced by a simplified moodboard, with conceptual images and shapes references.


Structures are then declined into several original sketches, each of them provided with material and components references.


exclusive prototypes from international designers and materials companies

Thanks to ARSUTORIA Research Team and its collaboration with material suppliers and professional designers, we are able to provide exclusive models: the newest designs and the latest materials combined for hundreds of prototypes never seen before!

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4 Issues a year: 2 ARSUTORIA Sketch & 2 ARSUTORIA Styles

Sketch & Style Woman

Women Shoes

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Sketch & Style Man

Men Shoes

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Sketch & Style Sneaker

Casual Shoes

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Bag sketches

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