Premiere Vision: Paris unveils the 2018 season

Première Vision Leather presents the first of the up-coming trends for the 2017/18 Winter Collections

It’s the second annual appointment for Première Vision Leather Paris, the French tradeshow that unites six principal players from the fashion sector (yarns, fabrics, leather, design, accessories and manufacturing) all under one roof. There were a substantial number of participants (1.900 exhibitors, compared to the 1.924 of the last show), with representative from 53 countries, a large portion (almost 700 companies) of which came from Italy.

«We are moving within an extremely unstable scenario. On a political level, we have suffered the terrorist attacks in France and Belgium. On an economic level, we continue to register a stagnation in the more traditional markets and a slowdown in the emerging ones. Two situations that have blocked global growth over the last few years; and we’ve yet to see the impact of Brexit. Despite these challenges, Première Vision Paris is proving to be a solid and authoritative event, thanks to the rich, up-to-date, international offer across various segments»

explains Gilles Lasbordes, Managing Director of Première Vision.. A show open to the world, because it never fails to attract approximately 60-thousand visitors each time (61.664 in September 2015, 55.025 at the first 2016 appointment, in February), with overseas visitors accounting for 74 percent of the overall footfall.
Among the exhibitors are 139 newcomers, which the Selection Committee admitted after an analysis their creativity, skill, quality, reputation, ethics and – in light of the period we’re in – financial credibility. In line with the previous shows, this year also showed a marked presence of Italian companies: over a third (688) of the brands throughout the six exhibition halls come from Italy.
With regard to our segment (leather and suede), 331 brands will be exhibiting and 22 exhibitors (of which 6 are Italian) for the first time. This time around, there was also the customary Leather Fashion Breakfast appointment, where art directors, collection managers, buyers, designers and various operators from the leather and footwear sector can meet in an informal and relaxed environment, with Claude Vuillermet, the Fashion Director of Première Vision Leather, who will be introducing participants to the trends of the 2017/18 AW season, including the most in-demand materials and new colour palettes. In programme is also a refresher forum, called Incube, particularly dedicated to production techniques: quality is not merely limited to the tactile properties of the leathers, but also embraces its origins and the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.
This forum puts the spotlight on the large-scale traceability work that is currently taking place in the tanneries.