Stahl Proviera®: Product overview – Probiotics for Leather™

Product overview Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™

Stahl has the exclusive rights to distribute Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™. Learn more about how Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™ enables tanners to produce high-quality leather while simultaneously reducing the effluent load significantly.

Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™ can be used on any type of hide and skins and are applicable in most manufacturing stages. Product range includes three products:

Product What? How?
ProSoak™ 100% natural and biodegradable beamhouse agent used in the soaking process, eliminates the need for biocides. Rapidly and effectively promotes even water uptake into hides and skins, it promotes growth of beneficial bacteria.
ProSpread™ 100% natural and biodegradable beamhouse agent, used as natural dispersing and cleaning agent. Solubilizes and disperse organic material allowing an easy removal of this material from hides or skins.
ProDegreaze™ 100% natural and biodegradable degreasing auxiliary The unique bio-action enables the effective stripping of natural fat from hides and skins, which are then released into the float

Overview basic tannery process with Proviera® products

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