SICOMEC: increasingly avant-garde Lining stamping machines

Starting from 2016, SICOMEC will deliver its lining stamping machines model TF160EL/CN and TF150EL/CN with new computers

The new program used for the equipment of the new lining stamping machines model TF160EL/CN and TF150EL/CN of SICOMEC allows direct data entry through USB stick or barcode reader and was developed with the operating system WinCE 6.0. The new graphics and the colour touch screen are added values along with the possibility to integrate the computer to the corporate network with customized software by the user.
Even more advanced is, therefore, the electro-pneumatic lining stamping machines to print open and closed upper, with the possibility to print also on very small strings and detached parts of uppers, bags and leather-goods in general.
The machine is equipped with an alphanumeric electronic computer with 20 ranges of wheels and a moving carriage that holds the pieces to print and during the working cycle, the piece to print is kept by a plier and will be automatically placed in the right printing position by an automatic carriage. Furthermore, the machine makes a certain number of printing works selected by the operator, then the counter changes automatically the sizes or the total composition, according to the data that the operator gives to the machine. You can automatically increase or decrease the size through a pedal. With this system the printing times are reduced to the minimum, because the changing of the wheel occurs totally automatically.
Also a new manual stamping transfer machine mod. TRM16 is noteworthy allowing producers, but also retailers, to please customers who increasingly request a higher level of customization of the products with initials or other distinctive elements.