Stahl Proviera®: Advantages of using probiotics in the beamhouse

Advantages of using probiotics in the beamhouse

Proviera leather biochemicals are metabolites derived from a proprietary fermentation and formulation technology using probiotic cultures and natural raw ingredients. As nearly 70% of the wastewater of leather production processes comes from the beamhouse, the benefits in terms of sustainability are obvious when replacing traditional leather auxiliaries in this stage with 100% natural products. The secret lies in a powerful synergistic combination of different biochemicals derived from probiotics that are used instead of traditional synthesized chemicals.

Reduction of chemicals, water and waste

One of the key advantages of Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™ is that they allow the reduction of chemical usage, water and waste compared to traditional Beamhouse processes. In addition, the leather quality can be improved. As the products are biodegradable, they are non-hazardous and non-toxic. Furthermore, Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™ reduces odor levels inside and outside the tannery. Stahl has the distribution rights for Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™.

The 5 most important benefits of using Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™

  1. Reduces chemical usage, water usage and waste
  2. Improves leather quality
  3. Biodegradable
  4. Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  5. Reduces odor levels inside and outside the tannery

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