Thai footwear: fashionable comfort

This was the theme of the footwear design and pattern-making workshop held by Arsutoria and promoted by the Association for the Industrial Production of Thai Footwear

thai_shoesOnce again, Arsutoria and the Association for the Industrial Promotion of Thai Footwear have joined forces to organise a 12-day footwear workshop, focusing on the theme of “Comfort + Style”.
Held in Bangkok from 25 July to 9 August 2016, the course was part of the continuing training program for the Thai footwear industry, which Arsutoria has been developing together with ATFIP since 2012.
The participants – designers, manufacturers, sales managers, and Thai buyers – had the opportunity to focus on a very specific theme: the importance of making a product attractive and fashionable as well as comfortable. The purpose of the course, in fact, was to stimulate Thai footwear manufacturing to create new comfortable footwear models able to attract consumers also due to their trendy look, in order to meet the increasing demands of international markets. After completing the course, participants were able to show off their skills and originality by creating a real prototype that encompassed the international trends in a brand new way, mixed with the typical Thai know-how and culture, full of colour, shapes, decorative motifs, and precious materials.
Teachers of the Arsutoria school focused their attention on four training areas: the creation of the Model, the crucial stage when the idea, even the most innovative, has to confront itself with reality to incarnate the perfect look in a shoe and, above all, the perfect fit, which adapts to the shape of the foot, thus making it comfortable; the fashion Trends, an analysis of future international trends to be applied to their own creations according to their sensitivity and their reference market; Comfort, achieved through the careful study of the shape and the accurate choice of materials and components; Market orientation, insights on understanding the importance of meeting the emotional and functional needs of consumers, so as to make them feel more comfortable and fashionable.
A successful workshop able to stimulate the curiosity of participants, who are eager to deepen their knowledge on some emerging technical themes, such as the construction of special types of shoes, pattern-making, the various footwear production technologies, trends on components, shapes, structures, materials and colours.