Thema System – Three revolutionary systems

Advanced drying technologies, standardised processes and certain times: this is how skins are dried

The technology proposed by Thema System enables the possibility to repeat the drying process each time memorising the recipes; this means guaranteeing a high-quality Standard and certain times for each item, and planning the production.


The Dry-Room TH004 system allows to batch drying leather items in certain times with the possibility of setting the temperature and humidity values in relation to the process and of displaying the trends in real time via diagrams.

Thema System proposes Dry-Tunnel TH009 and Dry-Flat TH013 systems, for those who needs continuous drying.


The TH009 system consists of a completely insulated path divided into sectors where the air temperature and humidity values can be set in order to ensure gradual and progressive drying; at the end of the sectors, a patented sensor allows displaying the humidity value of the skin. The movement system of the leathers is an overhead chain conveyor.


The TH013 is a drying system where the skins are transported along a forced and patented path between two nets (sandwich system) and where the conditioning of the skins occurs through the temperature and humidity values of the process air, which can be programmed for each sector (Dry Flat is divided in two horizontal sectors), in proportion to the amount of water to be extracted from the skin, so as not to damage the chemical and physical characteristics.